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I’m here!

Okay you win…

My sis has encouraged me for some time that I should have my own blog. Should you be offended or just outright bored please make all comments directed to her attention.

See, I do not find myself that interesting or the events of my life. I have through a lot in life (as we all have) and as I have gotten older and wiser (kinda on the wiser, older definitely.) I have learned that all we can do in life is laugh at the irony of our circumstances. This reality has enhanced my already twisted sense of humor. For me reason people get a “kick” out of the things I do and say and usually respond with “you didn’t say that” or “you said what?” Hence the name…

I am a single mom of two, divorced twice; I have been in sales, a dog groomer, farmer, vet assistant, executive assistant, maid, EMT and a paralegal. Impressive! I think so, I am much diversified, or maybe a “flake.” Okay, so I have not conquered the world nor have I saved the whales. Guess What? I don’t want to. I just want to finally enjoy life and when I laugh life is not so serious and at that moment I did conquer the world.



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